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About Our Studio

Djialli Associates provide General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build, and Pre- Construction Services for luxury residential, commercial, municipal, industrial, and educational markets. Founded  in

2008, the company  has steadily grown into one high quality and experienced company in providing consultancy services in all aspects of Building and Civil Engineering construction.


The ownership, company  focus and commitment to quality and uncompromised client service has remained unchanged over the years.  What has changed, is the increased level of experience and talent of team  members, personnel and associates and the utilization of industry  specific technologies and construction principles applied to:

-Building Information Modeling,

-Virtual Design & Construction,

-Quantity Surveying, Claims and Arbitration ,

-Land Developing,

-Environmental solutions

all amounting to,

  • an overall professional project management system;

  • and the expansion of pre-construction workshops and collaboration sessions,

                                                                    building the project on paper  with cost- effective and high- 

                                                                    performance building methods and solutions before the shovel

                                                                    hits the ground.


Our vast experience as a proven local design office  is just a demonstration of the commitment to the area that has made Djialli Associates a company of lasting relationships built upon professional integrity and mutual respect.  Our commitment to quality and our understanding of the importance of a cohesive design, makes us a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints and helping to meet  the financial, functional  and aesthetic goals of each project. As a reliable partner from the start of the project through construction, punch-out and close- out phases, our team takes our work seriously by delivering what is promised on time, on budget, and with the highest level of quality.


Our Team

The Partners

Bandelis Djiallis: Senior Structural Engineer and Architectural Consultant

Constantia Djialli: Architectural Design Management Director


Our Associates

  • Djialli Associates Cardiff UK: Architects and Engineers

  • G.Tziallis and Asosiates London UK: Architects and Engineers

  • Xarilaos Kyprithimou : Quantity Surveyor

  • A large number of local professionals, including Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineers, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers.

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