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Architectural Design

You can generally toss an idea out in a second. But a philosophy is something you worked on for a while, and out of stubbornness, you'll choose to believe it more. Architecture, are ideas, philosophies, experience, talent and more. An Architectural concept however for a particular project is not just Architecture. Architectural concepts are the designer’s way of responding to the design situation and requirements, presented to them. They are the means of translating the non-physical design problem into the physical building product. An architectural concept only lasts for one project a time. We have witnessed our own designs to change over the years in style, in facility provisions in use of new technologies and new materials.

Here at DA (Djialli Associates), we work as a team- one idea combines with another and solutions are tried out in a series of fits and misfits into the design puzzle, until the final proposal satisfies operational needs exterior and interior aesthetics, environmental and sustainability principles and budget. The right choice of materials are specified in a detailed bundle of construction documents such as drawings Bill of quantities, and contract documents to provide for safe, clear and non-disputable process of construction. DA boasts for more than ten years of experience with no disputes, disappointments or aggravations from any Clients or Contractors- this demonstrating the overall high level of management hierarchy and professionalism commitment provided.

Interior Design and landscape architecture: Under the Management umbrella of Djialli Associates, a number of associates, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects have provided and provide designs for the chain of DA's clients.

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