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Structural Design

Structural design is the methodical investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of structures. The basic objective in structural analysis and design is to produce a structure capable of resisting all applied loads without failure during its intended life, but that is not all. Today we have many options of structural solutions for each engineering problem needing a different approach. Structural frames may be of reinforced concrete, structural timber, heavy steel sections, light gauge steel, composite design, load bearing walls etc. Like architectural concepts each structural design is for one project and for one time.

In the early stage of structural experience we have faced an engineering challenge. «Can a house move»? The answer is yes. A house under construction in Nicosia, was found to have been set out wrongly. The basement and the first floor columns where already constructed when the serious construction mistake was found. The contractor was faced with demolition and reconstruction and a subsequent loss of approximately €60,000 .The house was finally moved by 60cm to satisfy the local planning law. This was achieved by our engineering team, at a mere cost of €10,000.

Structural designs have to accommodate for, site conditions, earthquake zones, wind loading, aesthetics, mechanical and electrical elements, all in harmonization with the Architectural design. That is why we say, no design of an individual consultant is as good as the design produced by a team of consultants. At Djialli Associates, we are team.

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